1. Monograph 'Cultural landscape. Assessment, Protection, Shaping'

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Book Review: Cultural Landscape (...) // kopia

2. Monograph 'Cultural landscape. Protecting historical cultural landscapes to strengthen regional identities and local economy'. // kopia
3. Monograph - Cultural Landscape - Across Disciplines // okładka // spis treści
4. Kulturlandschaftseńassung und Landschaftspflegein Mitteleuropa - Vergleichende Studie
5. Heimat Thuringen - Kulturlandschaft Umwelt Lebensraum
6. Kulturlandschaft Thuringen-Arbeitshilffe fur die Planungspraxi
7. Journal of the Centre for Regional Geography // *.pdf >>
8. Peisaje Culturale Istorice
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1. Christoph Glink, Hans-Heinrich Meyer & Maja Schottke (2007): Historical cultural landscapes in Romania. Mapping and registration of endangered traditional cultural landscapes in Transylvania. First methodical approach in the sample region of Bistrita.- Romania Review of Regional Studies, Vol. III, No.2, pp.9-22.
2. Hernik J. 2007. Expropriation of Properties and Protection of Cultural Landscape in Poland, 69-78, in: Proceedings LCL 2007, International CODATA Symposium on LandCover Logic, Bonn, Germany, Nov. 28/29, 2007.
3. Hernik J. 2008. Ochrona i zachowanie krajobrazów kulturowych zboczy górskich zagrożonych erozją wodną, 60-69, Przegląd Naukowy Inżynieria i Kształtowanie Śrdodowiska, Rocznik XVII, Zeszyt 2 (40).
4. Hernik J. 2008. Potrzeba uwzględniania walorów krajobrazu kulturowego w zarządzaniu gminą wiejską. In. Zarządzanie krajobrazem kulturowym. 61- 68. Prace Komisji Krajobrazu Kulturowego PTG nr 10.
5. Pijanowski J., Hernik J., 2007. Cultural landscape protection and development. 212-217, in: 68'2007, Ukraine


1. University of Agriculture in Krakow and Municipality of Miechów created as an element of Project the Centre of Renewable Energies. // więcej >>
2. University of Agriculture in Krakow with Municipality Wiśniowa restored a small historical retention basin significant in terms of historical and cultural heritage as well as local landscape assets. // więcej >>
3. "Cultural Landscape" internet platform with a "Cultural-Landscape Wiki" which allows to integrate "local experts" and promotes public awareness for the quality of cultural landscapes (
4. In cooperation with the association Grund Genug, a series of thematic markets for presenting regional products from the cultural landscape were organised and took place in May and December 2006 with the themes "Everything about bread" and "Cultural landscapes for the senses". The small regional Reinstädter Rural Market effectively communicated the connection between the products available and the conservation and valorisation of the historical cultural landscape.
5. Regional Development Concept "Middle Saale Valley"
6. Environmental Management Austria:
a) Best-Practice-Beispiele der Kulturlandschaftserhaltung -
b) elaborated two curricula:
- One curriculum for a five-day-programme with the aim to motivate opinion-leaders and decision-makers to realize projects to protect cultural landscape. Basic information is given and a lot of best-practice-examples are shown - following the example of the international workshop in Austria in October 2006.
- One curriculum for an - at least - 26-day training programme for managers and technical personal in tourism. This programme enables the participants to develop and realize measures in tourism, which protect cultural landscape and allow economic benefits.
7. The BBU promoted curriculum of Faculty of Geography and Faculty of Environmental Science at the conference dynamics in spatial development in Krakow - March 2007.
8. The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania organized two edition of Folk Craftsmen Market. Structure and plan of the museum information centre. Field trips - identification and inventorying of elements of cultural landscapes in Cluj and Alba countries.
9. Tourist GIS - National University Lviv Polytechnic

PP 2 + PP 1 - Municipality of Miechów
    and the University of Agriculture in Krakow / więcej >>
PP 3 + PP 1 - Municipality of Wiśniow
    and the University of Agriculture in Krakow / więcej >>
PP 5 - Heritage Association of Thuringian / więcej >>
PP 6 - Regional Planning Association East-Thuringia / więcej >>
PP 7 - Environmental management Austria / więcej >>
    / Best Practice Beispiele ... >>
PP 9 - University "Babes-Bolyai" Cluj-Napoca / więcej >>
PP 10 - Ethnographic Museum of Transylwania / więcej >>
PP 11 - National University Lviv Polytechnic:
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  Tourist GIS
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